Relaxing cruise vacations for South Africans

If you’ve been dreaming of traveling abroad and experiencing some of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world, there’s no better choice than taking a relaxing cruise. In stark contrast to the endless lines of crabby travelers, crowded airport terminals or long hours behind the wheel that other vacation options feature, cruises let you sit back with a tropical drink in your hand as you travel effortlessly to your destination.

If you’re worried that cruising is better suited to younger travelers, think again. Although many cruise lines have recently touted family packages in order to expand business, seniors still make up a very sizable chunk of each ship’s roster of passengers. One of the most relaxing yet stimulating ways to see the world, cruises only require their guests to be young at heart.

If you’ve never been on a cruise before, a world of relaxation, fun and remarkable landscapes awaits you. Take a few moments to learn the basics of what you can expect on your future cruise and consider a few popular destinations worth looking into.


The first thing you’ll need to consider when finally booking your cruise is accommodations. The accommodation fee is your pass for boarding the ship and includes your quarters as well as most basic amenities, including meals. Rooms aboard cruise ships vary greatly and can match any traveler’s needs or budget.

The most lavish and spacious cabins on cruise ships are located near the top deck and on a side. They always offer large windows and sometimes even feature private balconies where you can relax and take in a Caribbean sunset or two along the way. Of course, these rooms are also the most expensive, but their cost is well worth the privacy and space you’ll enjoy.

More outgoing or budget minded travelers may opt for a more reasonable rate, which will be more in line with smaller rooms on a lower deck. The most affordable cabins aboard most ships will be located near the center and close to or below the water line, which means no windows. These rooms, however are usually the most stable and can be a great value for travelers who plan to use their rooms only for sleeping.

Activities on the Ship

Cruise ships are something like floating resort towns. As cruise lines continue to add bigger and more luxurious ships to their fleets year after year, your options for excitement, entertainment and unique experiences increase exponentially. Depending on the cruise you book, you can expect to find anything from a full sized ice skating rink to a rock climbing wall and more during your trip.

Cruise ships offer plenty of things to do for both busy bodies and travelers who would prefer to kick back and unwind. Party animals will find no good excuses to miss out on a whole daily schedule of mingling opportunities, Broadway style and quality shows, comedians, live bands, movies, casinos and more. For active guests, ships also feature fully outfitted gyms with daily classes, lots of pools and even water parks.

For the more relaxation fixated guests, top of the line spas offer soothing treatments for the body and mind while few things can beat lounging on deck with a cold drink. Couples will enjoy lots of opportunities to relax in privacy as well in several spas and hot tubs.

Activities on Shore and Destinations

Of course, the main purpose for taking a cruise is getting out and seeing the world. There are virtually as many destination possibilities offered by major cruise lines today, and your options are limited only by navigable ports. Here are a few cruise lovers’ favorites to get your ideas flowing.


For nature lovers and adventure seekers, nothing beats the spectacular vistas and personal hands on experiences of an Alaskan cruise. In addition to taking in the amazing sights of North America’s wild western coast from the comfort of your ship, you’ll get to learn how to mush a team of sled dogs and trek across an active glacier on this trip.

The Caribbean

Perhaps the most well known of cruise destinations, the Caribbean islands offer near perfect weather, white sand beaches and warm, clear waters that are well known for their world class snorkeling and scuba diving.

Tahiti and the South Pacific

Regarded as a veritable paradise on earth, the South Pacific offers some of the most exotic landscapes and cultures you’re likely to encounter on a cruise. This amazing trip will let you experience the slow paced lifestyle of Tahiti while exploring tropical coves and secluded palm lined beaches.

Regardless of your age or disposition, cruising represents one of the most incredible, exciting and relaxing vacations available to travelers today. Take a few moments now to do some research on the cruise vacation of a lifetime.

Some safety tips for South Africa beachgoers

One of the best things that you can do during this season is to get yourself  travel visa and head to SA  for a vacation. And since this is the best time of the year (you might not believe it, but it is true), you have plenty of activities to during your stay. One of the things that you can and will probably, do is to head to the beach.

However, just like any other vacation places that you go to, you need to know some safety precautions when going down the beach. And in SA, it can be sometimes a nasty place. Here are some things that you need to watch out for while there.

Even in the beach, wild animals are still a perennial danger. One of the most notable here are shark attacks. Though these are actually rare, there is still a great danger from being attacked by sharks. Thus, it is best that you try staying near the nets. And in case you are exploring a relatively new beach, always go in the water with companions and get out quickly when you spot one in the area.

Aside from sharks, jellyfishes are also a common threat to swimmers. On thing to remember about them is that, though a jellyfish might look small at the surface of the water, their tentacles might actually trail them for several feet. Also, never pick up a dead jellyfish that is washed into the shore. Though this is already dead, the stinging cells in its tentacles are still active and can still get you stung.

The water itself can also be dangerous. Rip currents have been known to pull out beachgoers to deeper water, where they are in more danger. In order to avoid being trapped by a rip current, you should familiarized yourselves with the places where they are likely to form. In case you get caught in one, the best way that you can go is to never swim against it and instead, float and let it carry you. Once you have reached the point where the rip slows down enough, then you can easily swim back to the shore. And avoid swimming near rocky beaches as the waves can easily slam you into these when you are not prepared.

You also need to remember some important reminders when in the beach. One is to stay within the boundery marked by flags. Also make sure that there are lifeguards in the area where you are shark attacks. You should also avoid swimming at night and with out any companions. And when you are in danger, always stay calm and raise your hand to signal assistance.